Your Fertility

While most couples have reasonable expectations and hopes of a successful pregnancy as part of their life plan, unfortunately some couples in their 20s have difficulty conceiving with a successful pregnancy outcome.

The chance of couples experiencing this difficulty increases for couples in their 30s and increases even more for couples in their 40s (Leridon, 2014).

Simply waiting is not the best option. It increases your risk of not being able to successfully fall pregnant. If you know that you have a problem or sense that you might, rather than hoping, make an appointment with one of our GPs at Primary IVF to see if we can help.

To improve your chance of a successful pregnancy there are proven mechanisms including:

  • Simple lifestyle improvements that our team can advise you on.
  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (including IVF and ICSI). The more cycles you attempt, the better statistically your chances of conceiving, with approximately 1 in 3 cycles productive of a pregnancy.

There are a number of clinical factors influencing fertility. The most significant is the age of the female. However, the next most significant factor is male fertility and approximately half of couples undergoing IVF have issues with male fertility (Ramalingam, Mythili et al, 2014).

We have a team of GPs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane that can discuss your fertility issues with you and refer you to one of our IVF specialists, if required. If you have any questions, you may call us or request a consultation today.