Treatment Overview

Our commitment to you is the provision of affordable quality IVF services. We will bulk bill services wherever possible. That said there are some things that simply cannot be bulk billed so we have also tried to give you an idea of any costs you will have to pay. Remember that each couple’s situation will be different and treatment will need to be tailored to each couple. You will have ample opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns you may have with our IVF team before commencing treatment.

Primary IVF Treatment Process
Primary IVF Treatment Process

Regardless of the outcome, we will be with you to support you in whatever way we can. Our nurse will be in contact and you are welcome to return to your GP at any time during and after the IVF treatment process. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, IVF cycles can sometimes be unsuccessful. Our nurse can arrange counselling if required and our team can update your treatment plan if you wish to try again. If you are successful, then we can refer you to one of the obstetricians in our network. Our nurse will also be eagerly checking up on your progress throughout your pregnancy.

Your age is important

Primary IVF does not provide IVF treatments to women aged 45 and over, based on medical evidence about their ability to benefit from IVF services.