Our Treatment Costs

A major barrier to successful outcomes for many is the lack of affordability of IVF treatment. Primary IVF offers Medicare bulk-billed IVF. The only out of pocket expenses are those NOT covered by Medicare – these are not required for all patients.

Primary IVF was the first Medicare bulk-billed IVF clinic in Australia.

Cost of IVF and ICSI per cycle

Pricing Table _FET Included

Please note there are some IVF services that are unable to be bulk billed through Medicare, which includes things like medications, day surgery fees and a small number of pathology tests. In Victoria, the state-based legislation requires that all IVF patients must obtain a Victorian State Police Child Protection Order Check, and undergo counselling prior to the commencing treatment. These are or will be out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by Medicare.

To help you further understand the process, the services that are bulk billed and when you are likely to incur costs (including estimates) we’ve created a useful map available here.