We are continuing to grow our team so we can give more Australians than ever access to affordable IVF treatment. When you come in to our clinics you will see lots of faces, so to help you get to know the team, today we would like to introduce Primary IVF Practice Manager, Shivanthi Jayamaha who currently manages our Sydney clinic.

To speak to our team regarding the IVF treatment, you can request a consultation here or call on 1800 779 483 to see how we can help you.


Tell us a bit about becoming a Primary IVF Practice manager?

I was already within the business, working in pathology for four years, and then when we opened the doors at Primary IVF Sydney, I saw a great opportunity to be able to help more patients have access to affordable IVF treatment so I joined the graduate program and following that I transitioned in to the role of practice manager.


Why do you love doing what you do and what is the best part of your job?

I love what I do every day because I know that there are a lot of Australian couples struggling with infertility that otherwise would be unable to access IVF services, I think it’s fantastic that we are able to help those wanting to start a family. In my job I am able to see all sides of the IVF Journey; from the time of the initial consults with the IVF GP to meeting the little bub.


What is the most common question you get asked?

A regular question that is asked; how are we able to offer   Bulkbilled IVF services?  The reason that Primary IVF is able to offer this services is because we belong to the Primary Health Care Group. This means that services such as Pathology /Imaging are all done in-house and we utilise all of the subdivisions to enable us to provide fertility treatment at an affordable cost.


What piece of advice do you give most often?

The piece of advice that I would give couples would be to try to lower your stress level as much as possible. It is important to handle the process step by step and to have an avenue to unwind. Primary IVF will be able to support you through your journey; our nurses are only a phone call away.


Is there anything you would like couples starting their IVF journey to know?

We have a fantastic team here at Primary IVF and I encourage all couples to utilise the services that we have available. Our clinical team are happy to answer all of your questions, so please reach out whenever you or your partners require assistance.


Want to know more…

Shivanthi has completed a Bachelor of Medical Science at Western Sydney University and is currently completing her MBA at Southern Cross University.


As Shivanthi mentions, you can reach out to us with any questions, and if you’d like to speak with a member of our team you can request a consultation here or call on 1800 779 483 to see how we can help you.

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