Forming good habits that help boost fertility and better understand your health is becoming easier with the rise of useful health apps. Apps are a great way to keep track of your fertility information and help boost your overall wellbeing when you are wanting to fall pregnant. We all spend a lot of time each day using our smart-phones, so we have compiled our favourite apps that could help you make some positive changes to your lifestyle before, during and after your IVF treatment.


GLOW: Fertility, Period and Ovulation Tracker

Monitoring and tracking your period and ovulation can get overwhelming, Glow is a great fertility companion that helps by storing all of your information in one place.

The in-app ovulation calculator helps you to forecast your ovulation which will help you and your partner plan better by knowing ahead of time when you are most fertile. You can also use their daily health log to track moods, symptoms and the app will translate your information in to well-researched health insights.

One of the best elements of Glow is the ability to share your journey with your partner. Involving your partner will help to make sure you both have the same information and stay connected throughout your fertility journey.


HEADSPACE: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness

The process of going through IVF can sometimes get overwhelming, and a great way to manage stress and emotions is by meditating and practicing mindfulness. There are many positive benefits to practicing meditation, it is a great stress-reduction technique that will help boost your fertility and aid better sleep.

The app will guide you through meditations, helping to train your mind to relax and switch off things that cause anxiety. Headspace also has categories for you to choose based on what is causing you stress.

Headspace will also help to keep you consistent by sending you reminders and personalising your progress. Meditation is incredibly rewarding and will help your overall mental health and better connect to your body.


MAP MY WALK: Walking App

It’s really important to get active when you are trying to boost your fertility and a great way to do this is to set goals and track your progress using an app. Starting your fitness journey by walking is a great way to get moving and Map My Walk helps by mapping every work out, giving you feedback and statistics to help you improve along the way.

Map My Walk helps you improve your fitness by providing you with in-depth detail of your walk including distance, duration and calories. You can also connect the app to wearables such as Fitbits or Apple watch.

Using an app to track your exercise allows you to improve your overall fitness and understand how your body is improving as you go, which is a great way to stay motivated!


MIND THE BUMP: A Tool for New and Expecting Parents

Mind the bump is an app that helps prepare individuals and couples with becoming a new parent by using a mindfulness and meditation program developed by psychologists and psychiatrists. When you first become pregnant your emotions can be overwhelming as you start this new journey and

Mind the Bump allows you to customise what you will be using the app for, if you are pregnant, the partner of someone who is pregnant, a health professional or a new parent. Then you will begin a personalised journey based on which option you select. The tailored nature of the app optimises the meditation programs and evolves with you throughout your pregnancy or new parent journey.

The mindfulness skills you learn when using Mind the Bump help you to identify changes in emotions and elements of stress in your daily life which helps you develop skills to better deal with your new life as a parent.

These apps work by complimenting the advice and recommendations of your medical Doctor. At Primary IVF we want to help you and your partner every step of the way, if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your specific case in more detail, you can speak to a Primary IVF expert on, 1800 285 524 or request a consultation for an appointment here.

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